Reservable Facilities

  1. Ballfields


    Located on the west side of Sonora Park (enter from Village Street). There are three separate fields available to reserve: a baseball field, a softball field, and a t-ball field. Lights are not currently available.

  2. Community Center

    Community Center

    Attached to the library, this is our largest available space (capacity of 107) and offers a kitchen and the option to rent tables and chairs.

  3. Senior Center Banquet Room

    Senior Center Banquet Room

    Located behind City Hall and next to TownCenter Park, this facility is equipped with tables, chairs, and a refrigerator.

  4. Sonora Park Pavilion

    Sonora Park Pavilion

    The pavilion offers shade and a view of the pond. Picnic tables are included in the rental. The splash pad is nearby. (The splash pad is open to the public, even if you've reserved the pavilion.)

  5. TownCenter Park Pavilion

    TownCenter Park Pavilion

    Located between the Library and City Hall, this pavilion offers a large space, picnic tables, and is directly next to our largest playground.