TIRZ: Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Board

The TIRZ Board of Directors shall make recommendations to Council concerning the administration, management and operation of the TIRZ. The board shall prepare and adopt a project plan and a reinvestment zone financing plan for the zone and submit such plans to the Council for its approval. The board shall perform all duties imposed upon it by Chapter 311 of the Texas Tax Code and all other applicable laws. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the board shall not be authorized to (i) issues bonds; (ii) impose taxes or fees; (iii) exercise the power of eminent domain, or (iv) give final approval to the zone’s project plan and financing plan. 

  • Seven (7) regular members
  • Each taxing unit other than the city that levies taxes on real property in the TIRZ may, but is not required to, appoint one (1) member to the Board of Directors
  • After each taxing unit other than the city designates either the member that the taxing unit wishes to appoint or the fact that the taxing unit wishes to waive its right to appoint, Council shall appoint whatever number of members are necessary to fill the remaining positions
  • One (1) Chair, appointed by the City Council
  • The Board may elect from its members a vice chair and such other officers as the Board sees fit

Name  Place  Term End
 Robert Mundy, Chair Place 1 2017
Rebecca Carlton Place 2 2018
Pat Turner, Vice Chair Place 3 2017
Frank Fernandez Place 4 2018
Jeni McGary Place 5 2017
Scott Rule Place 6 2018
Mark McClendon Place 7 2017